Rabu, 29 Juli 2009

that's what we call it,school.

well,whatever. gue akhir2 ini lagi males banget sekolah,youknw,too much homeworks,too much NUMBERS in math,too much words in biology,whatever. i really dont wanna go to school these days. especially,when ive to see those faces,when ive to see people come and go,walkin around me without noticing me here. hello? what the hell? look at us! we're here! well,tau ga sih rasanya kalo misalnya lo ngerasa gak di apain ya,ga dianggep ada gituloh.tiba2 lagi jalan ditabrak aja gitu,ga minta maaf atau apa. HELLO PEOPLE,IM HERE,REALLY,WHAT THE HELL? now just because we're 9th grader and we're going to leave soon,now you dont even notice that we're here?

Peace and love,no heart feelings people.

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